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Азимов, Айзек

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Isaac Asimov. Reason

Gregory Powell spaced his words for emphasis. "One week ago, Donovan,
and I put you together." His brows furrowed doubtfully and he pulled the end
of his brown mustache.
It was quiet in the officers' room of Solar Station 5 except for the
soft putting of the mighty beam director somewhere far below.
Robot QT-1 sat immovable. The burnished plates of his body gleamed in
the luxites, and the glowing red of the photoelectric cells that were his
eyes were fixed steadily upon the Earthman at the other side of the table
Powell repressed a sudden attack of nerves. These robots possessed
peculiar brains. The positronic paths impressed upon them were calculated in
advance, and all possible permutations that might lead to anger or hate were
rigidly excluded. And yet-the QT models were the first of their kind, and
this was the first of QT's. Anything could happen.
Finally the robot spoke. His voice carried the cold timbre inseparable
from a metallic diaphragm. "Do you realize the seriousness of such a
statement, Powell?"
"Something made you, Cutie," pointed out Powell. "You admit yourself
that your memory seems to spring full-grown from an absolute blankness of a
week ago. I'm giving you the explanation. Donovan and I put you together
from the parts shipped us."
Curie gazed upon his long, supple fingers in an oddly human attitude of
mystification. "It strikes me that there should be a more satisfactory
explanation than that. For you to make me seems improbable."
The Earthman laughed quite suddenly. "In Earth's name, why?"
"Call it intuition. That's all it is so far. But I intend to reason it
out, though. A chain of valid reasoning can end only with the determination
of truth, and I'll stick till I get there."
Powell stood up and seated himself at the table's edge next the robot.
He felt a sudden strong sympathy for this strange machine. It was not at all
like the ordinary robot, attending to his specialized task at the station
with the intensity of a deeply ingrooved positronic path. He placed a hand
upon Cutie's steel shoulder and the metal was cold and hard to the touch.
"Cutie," he said, "I'm going to try to explain something to you. You're the
first robot who's ever exhibited curiosity as to his own existence-and I
think the first that's really intelligent enough to understand the world
outside. Here, come with me." The robot rose erect smoothly and his thickly
sponge-rubber-soled feet made no noise as he followed Powell. The Earthman
touched a button, and a square section of the wall flicked aside. The thick,
clear glass revealed space-star speckled. "I've seen that in the observation
ports in the engine room," said Cutie.
"I know," said Powell. "What do you think it is?"
"Exactly what it seems-a black material just beyond this glass that is
spotted with little gleaming dots. I know that our director

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